Vehicle credit in dollars, is it convenient for you?

I have already told you, on some occasions, that when you go to take out a loan you prefer to always do it in the currency in which you receive your income. You remember it, right? As for a vehicle loan this advice is no exception. In this note I explain why. The dollar exchange […]

Damage Precipitation Covers Home Insurance

Rain, rain and more rain. This is what Sunday looked like throughout the Netherlands. There was so much rain in some places that basements were flooded. Fortunately, you have a home insurance policy. But is damage caused by precipitation actually covered? Most policy conditions mean by precipitation: rain, hail, snow and melt water. This description […]

Loan for a car.

Seen the car of your dreams, but not enough savings available or would you like to keep it back so that you can go on holiday this summer? We understand that you would like to arrange the credit for the car quickly, so that you can have the new car at short notice. After accepting […]

There are several reasons to lease a car?

Instead of buying a car. With a car lease, various forms are possible such as financial lease, operational lease and private lease. The concept of leasing a car comes from the business market, but is rapidly gaining popularity with individuals. What are the advantages and disadvantages of leasing a car, and what should you look […]

What is a credit card?

You’ve probably wondered what is a credit card ? Who supports its use? A credit card is a credit instrument backed by a financial entity or a bank. If you have one of these cards in your name, you can purchase with it goods and services that you will pay later. How does payment with […]

Credits to buy motorcycles: financing options for motorcycles

Motorcycle Loans Loans to buy motorcycles are a source of rapid liquidity that allows people to access linear vehicles to use as a means of transport or work tool. Motorcycle financing is a good alternative to car loans because they involve a smaller amount that can be paid in more beneficial installments for users. This […]

Personal Credit Simulation

Personal credit is a form of consumer credit whose capital is not allocated to a particular project. The borrower freely uses the funds made available by a credit institution. Explanations. Principle of the personal loan To cope with an imponderable, it is sometimes necessary for a household to have the necessary funds. However, if the […]

Loan with vehicle guarantee Have you heard of this?

Today there are many ways to get a loan. There are no longer only personal loans that require a lot of paperwork to get the money. In fact, if you have a good credit history , you can even access fast online loans . Banks, and other financial institutions, are aware of the needs of […]

Easily lease a car as a private individual.

On this website you will also find all information about leasing a car as a private individual. Business leasing, of course, takes place a lot in the Netherlands. However, much less known is private lease. This means that you as a private individual can lease a car in a similar way. Leasing a car naturally […]

What a mortgage is and how it works? | Mortgage Loans

The mortgage is a type of financial product by which a bank makes us a loan that has the guarantee of a property and is usually contracted for the purchase of a home. It is also known as a mortgage loan and in this post we help you better understand all the details that make […]

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